Metaphysical Hangover, huh?

A guest post by Nana Wereko-Brobby ( 

hangover to useThere’s a fantastic Irvine Welsh novel called ‘Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs’ situated in a boozy Edinburgh with a character called Skinner whose heavy drinking is destroying his life. His girlfriend leaves him, his job is compromised and he’s constantly in bloody skirmishes. Putting him to shame is his work colleague, and self-assigned nemesis, Kibby, who is nauseatingly clean living; he collects trains, plays computer games and drinks Horlicks. Putting the world to rights, Skinner decides to place a hex on Kibby. For every alcohol-fuelled battering Skinner’s body takes, Kibby will feel the effects. As Skinner wastes himself in whiskey dens, waking up hangover free, Kibby’s health takes a major hit. It’s a cruel trick that leaves Skinner enjoying a Dorian Grey- like existence of being relentlessly dissolute without the physical consequences. What a thought.

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