Metaphysical Hangover, huh?

A guest post by Nana Wereko-Brobby ( 

hangover to useThere’s a fantastic Irvine Welsh novel called ‘Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs’ situated in a boozy Edinburgh with a character called Skinner whose heavy drinking is destroying his life. His girlfriend leaves him, his job is compromised and he’s constantly in bloody skirmishes. Putting him to shame is his work colleague, and self-assigned nemesis, Kibby, who is nauseatingly clean living; he collects trains, plays computer games and drinks Horlicks. Putting the world to rights, Skinner decides to place a hex on Kibby. For every alcohol-fuelled battering Skinner’s body takes, Kibby will feel the effects. As Skinner wastes himself in whiskey dens, waking up hangover free, Kibby’s health takes a major hit. It’s a cruel trick that leaves Skinner enjoying a Dorian Grey- like existence of being relentlessly dissolute without the physical consequences. What a thought.

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The Marriage Zone, huh?

Misogyny in various grim forms has been flying around a lot, lately. These various examples of overt sexism have been angering feminists of the world (male and female) like a swarm of disgusting – not to mention extremely annoying – mosquitos. Luckily, of course, every time they descend to cause irritation and misery, countless clever and enlightened commentators of all sorts come forward to call them out with aplomb. From Seth Macfarlane’s deeply offensive ‘We saw your boob’ debacle, to tales of sexual harassment by all manner of men in power, decent males of the world have been getting some seriously bad representation.

Well, guys and girls, if you’ve had enough of all this then read no further. Slightly tangential to the main theme of the blog, but still heavily featuring twentysomethings, I give you ‘The Marriage Zone’. See below for an astonishing example of backward ‘banter’ doing the rounds on Wall Street. It will no doubt be making its way onto an email chain near you, very soon.

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Before Girls, and this blog, there was ‘This Life’.

It would be just plain silly to suggest that there wasn’t truly excellent work about being a 20something before Lena Dunham came along. Welcome to the stage: This Life. If you are feeling all angstytwenties (or just in the mood for some wonderfully resonant TV) then I implore you to watch this BBC gem. This Life introduced Andrew Lincoln (playing wannabe sports writer Egg) and kick-ass barrister Anna (who goes to pupilage interviews in a LEOPARD PRINT FUR COAT) to the world. As if that weren’t enough it features faded denim straight leg Levis, oversized men’s shirts and references to Blind Date.

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The Great 20s Myth

Apparently, 20somethings are having a moment. Well, it’s about damn time. This moment needs to turn into much, much more than that. More 20somethings need to talk about the fact that this can be a terrible decade, discuss why, and throw out some life rafts of useful hope so that we may all survive until our 30s come to the rescue.

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