Before Girls, and this blog, there was ‘This Life’.

It would be just plain silly to suggest that there wasn’t truly excellent work about being a 20something before Lena Dunham came along. Welcome to the stage: This Life. If you are feeling all angstytwenties (or just in the mood for some wonderfully resonant TV) then I implore you to watch this BBC gem. This Life introduced Andrew Lincoln (playing wannabe sports writer Egg) and kick-ass barrister Anna (who goes to pupilage interviews in a LEOPARD PRINT FUR COAT) to the world. As if that weren’t enough it features faded denim straight leg Levis, oversized men’s shirts and references to Blind Date.

Long before the days of Twitter and Facebook and when it was still acceptable for people on TV to wear barely any make-up, five pals living in a shared London house got too drunk on too many work nights, had some good sex and some bad sex (often with each other), went to therapy, struggled to stumble across a career path and spent a lot of time being existential over beers and cigarettes. Sound familiar?

‘He seems a bit…scattered.’ Says a middle-aged solicitor, having just interviewed Egg for a job.

Eggs response:  ‘”We want you to tell us who you are”…How am I supposed to know who the fuck I am?’

Well, quite.


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