Before Girls, and this blog, there was ‘This Life’.

It would be just plain silly to suggest that there wasn’t truly excellent work about being a 20something before Lena Dunham came along. Welcome to the stage: This Life. If you are feeling all angstytwenties (or just in the mood for some wonderfully resonant TV) then I implore you to watch this BBC gem. This Life introduced Andrew Lincoln (playing wannabe sports writer Egg) and kick-ass barrister Anna (who goes to pupilage interviews in a LEOPARD PRINT FUR COAT) to the world. As if that weren’t enough it features faded denim straight leg Levis, oversized men’s shirts and references to Blind Date.

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The Great 20s Myth

Apparently, 20somethings are having a moment. Well, it’s about damn time. This moment needs to turn into much, much more than that. More 20somethings need to talk about the fact that this can be a terrible decade, discuss why, and throw out some life rafts of useful hope so that we may all survive until our 30s come to the rescue.

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